A.M. Notes

Good morning, Dear readers

It’s about 5: 30 a.m. here. I’m thinking about new art ideas (if anyone has some, I’d greatly appreciate any input.)

My wife is going to help her mother out with some things later, and the plan for me is to get in some quality one on one time with my son.

I am presently watching a movie, and dealing with a mild headache. I’m hoping it passes quick.

Yesterday, I bought my son a light saber toy set. When it comes in I know we’ll have a lot of fun with it. I’m 36 years old, but hanging out with him makes me feel like a kid all over again.

Are You A Fan of Garlic?

Are you a fan of garlic? I’ve read that garlic (and garlic supplements) have incredible heart health benefits. I’ve also read that garlic supplements can reduce arterial plaque.

Garlic can be added to a wide range of dishes, if you’re not really a fan of the taste of garlic you can certainly mask it with other flavors.

She Made My Day

Earlier, I came across a woman online who had been mauled by a dog, and even though she did struggle with the aftermath, she was still beautifully positive overall.

It was actually very inspiring that she didn’t let her injury break her, I visited a few of her posts, and was just wowed by her courage to keep facing life, and to be an uplifting influence to her online community.

As the title said: she made my day. I know not everybody deals with hardship so well, but she’s a great reminder (because we can never have enough of those) that it CAN be done.

Our struggles don’t have to define or destroy us.

A Special Thanks To My Blogging Friends

There are some bloggers that (if I had the time) I’d sit and read all day. Bloggers who never waste a word, but instead are absolutely diligent in putting their best foot forward, or who truly do bring their A game.

I always come away from reading their stuff having benefited in SOME way, whether it’s learning something new, having my day brightened, having my faith nurtured, having my creativity stirred, etc.

The blogging community here has been an incredible blessing and I cannot fully express how thankful I am.

Additional Morning Notes

Courtney and I were out and about this morning. We went to breakfast. Getting out in the snowy weather was a bit difficult for me b/c of muscle issues.

Anyway, there were emergency services vehicles at our apartment compound earlier, fire engines and an ambulance. I’m not sure why. They were arriving as we were leaving.

Good Morning All

Good morning Dear Ones,

What’s going on with you all? I was on a roll with creating yesterday. I don’t think I’ll ever stop unless my eyesight goes entirely or something otherwise catastrophic happens.

Presently, I’m watching scifi, later tonight my mom and I are planning a Bible study together. I’ve been looking forward to that.

Beyond that, I don’t know yet what today will look like, but I’m excited to find out.

It’s Okay To Get Away

Earlier, I was reading a post about properly/effectively taking a break. Too often, when a blogger feels they need a break, they may also feel like they’re letting their connections down by taking one.

I however think it would be MORE of a let down/disservice to our connections if we got so burned out we couldn’t bring our A games, wouldn’t you agree?

So, with that in mind, if you need that break, take it! Disconnect, get away, recharge, and come back “bright eyed and bushy tailed” (a classic phrase from my childhood.)

Cheers and much Love!

Dear Readers

I have been reading that certain of my connections have had their abilities to like new posts and follow new blogs revoked altogether.

According to what I’ve read, this isn’t a glitch, but an intentional thing by the platform.

I do not support such an action, and thus feel the need to speak up.

Morning Notes

Good morning, Dear Ones.

I watched a movie earlier that I had seen ads for recently, and it turned out to be over hyped hot garbage. The movie was free for me (thanks to my Roku) so the best thing about the movie is I didn’t have to pay to see it.

Unfortunately, I still lost an hour and a half I’ll never get back. I think I watched the whole thing just in hopes that at some point it would get better.

Anyway, other than that, I’ve had a fairly productive morning thus far. I am however barely staying awake, so I’ll go ahead and wrap this up.


Hope you all have an excellent rest of your day.