Notes On Discipline vs. Child Abuse

I would never in my life support child abuse, though I am a firm believer in discipline as needed.

Also, when a child (or even an adult) is in trouble for something, the consequences by their nature aren’t supposed to be pleasant. If they were pleasant, they wouldn’t deter wrong behavior, that’s what used to be common sense, but it’s not as common anymore.

Some children who were never abused may brand the discipline they received AS abuse because it was unpleasant, regardless how fair and warranted the discipline was.

With that reality in mind, it’s important that child abuse claims be investigated thoroughly & properly, and that a “witch hunt” or “guilty til proven innocent” mentality doesn’t take hold.

I think all rationally thinking people agree, a parent or other authority figure should not BULLY a child by any means, and if they do, they should face discipline themselves, by appropriate authorities.

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