(Early) Morning Notes

Good morning everyone.

Busy day today, primarily my wife & I have a parent/teacher conference with Eli’s teacher. He had some issues we knew of before, but nothing else new has been reported to us, and I’m hoping that no news = good news. The conference won’t be until after his pick up time today.

In other notes, my wife Courtney was able to get something she needed for her diabetes. It’s an automatic monitor thing that makes it so she doesn’t have to do finger pricks constantly. We weren’t sure at first whether our insurance would cover it, but I’m thankful it did after all.

I am really hoping my energy levels stay decent today, at least for the things we NEED to get done.

Anyway, it’s only 3:30 a.m. here, I’ve been creating, writing, and listening to music. I suppose I ought to rest, just to help my body (perhaps) have the energy I need later.

Assuming I’m not spent after our day, I might share more here later.

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