Functional Art: Notes About A Carved Wooden BMW Replica

I wasn’t planning on posting again until after the parent/teacher conference and such, but I have some spare time, so I figured why not?

I came across a video earlier of a man who carved and then built a wooden car. He built it as an homage to (and in the style of) a BMW. It was pretty stunning to see the end result. Now, realistically, at least from a legal standpoint, I doubt he could take it out on a major highway or whatever without getting stopped. I did however see he was driving it around his town.

As I saw the video, it reminded me of the derby cars that used to be built by boy scouts, except on a larger scale. Despite the hours it took him to make the thing, I’m sure it was time well spent. I started thinking about something too, what society might look like if we replaced normal cars with wooden ones like the guy designed.

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