Story: The Anniversary Interview-Chapter/Part 2

Upon his arrival in Florida for his parents’ anniversary, the young writer tells his parents he’d like to interview them. They agree heartily, excited about it.

“Let’s begin then” says the young writer, putting fresh paper in his typewriter.

“How did you two meet, and when?” was the first question. “We met in the Summer of 1983, I was a pilot then in the Air Force” said his father. “We met at a base social event” his mother added. “I wasn’t all that interested initially, but he won me over.” she continued.

“It started with the most awkward dance, I probably stepped on her feet ten times that evening” his father stated. They both laughed as they thought back to just HOW awkward it was. “You would definitely have found it hilarious, watching us fumble our way through that.”

The young writer smiled, as he listened to them. Even after all this time together, their deep and abiding Love for each other was evident in their tones, and written all over their faces. He knew not all people were so fortunate.

Part three coming soon

Part one here

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