Morning Notes

Good morning, Dear Ones.

I got a good rest earlier, so now amped up, w/a bit of help from a touch of Pepsi for extra kick. On another topic, social media first thing in the morning isn’t always the best idea. It’s like watching the news, there’s always SOMETHING to get your blood boiling, if you let it.

Anyway, in the coming days there will be a lot going on, including a car show, which I plan to do photography at, as well as a community lunch at one of the local businesses, which we plan to attend.

Closing notes:

I talked to my last remaining brother yesterday, it was a good conversation/video chat and I also briefly got to see my nephew Adrian (named for my youngest brother who passed away a few years back.)

There’s quite a bit more I can share about, but I feel like this is enough for now.

Love to all, and have a blessed day.

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