Some Personal Notes

I had a great dinner outing w/family last night. The place we ate at had a cinnamon and honey dessert that my wife & son are big fans of. I loved that they enjoyed themselves & I loved the quality time as well.

This morning, I’ve been watching a reboot of Rod Serling’s “The Twilight Zone”. The particular reboot I’m watching is hosted by Forest Whitaker. My wife & son are sleeping presently, which is reasonable given that it’s 2:30 A.M. here. Earlier, I shared some photos on another venue, where I’ve generally been getting good interest.

In other notes, you all may remember I started sharing a short story here a while back called “The Anniversary Interview”… I still intend to share the final installments of it, but I just haven’t gotten to it yet. I want to apologize for that.

Anyway, I feel like if I keep writing this post, it could become exhausting to readers, so I’ll wrap it up.

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