Just A Few Thoughts

How many blogs are you following? How many blogs do you actually interact with and at least read, whether you comment or not?

Often, keeping up with EVERYONE you’re following can seem like a chore. Nobody expects you to be super human… but the effort, when it’s given is greatly appreciated.

Make a goal, interact with AT LEAST a couple blogs a day, it’s even okay to have your favorites, but every now and then, go to a new one you’ve never read before, or check in with one you haven’t visited in a while.

You never know the adventure that awaits.

New Notes

Hello friends,

I’m writing this while watching an art documentary. I spent most of the evening creating fresh pieces. Other than that, I took my wife and son on an outing on our town square. It was very relaxing.

The only downside was how cold it was outside, but given that we live in Idaho, I can’t even pretend to be shocked. Anyway, I hope that whenever (and wherever) you happen to find yourself reading this, that you are warm and well. ❤️❤️❤️

A Note For Fellow Artists

While it’s possible to copyright a particular creation, style/genre/movement is NOT protected under copyright law.

For example: Jack Pollock was a drip painter, and his productions (under current law) are protected, but ANYONE can be a drip painter if they want, just like anyone can be a finger painter or a watercolorist, etc.

Just An FYI

If you are using an app, and you supposedly earn or win $ on it, but then it wants you to personally pay for the release of those earnings/winnings, etc. I’d be very wary, as this is a common tactic on many scamming apps.

They could be using the tactic simply to phish for your credit or debit information.

A reputable app/site will usually just take any transaction fees out of the earnings or winnings, rather than asking you to pay out of your own pocket, at least in my experience.

Miscellaneous Notes

Yesterday, we got the release form filled out and signed for my son’s teacher to talk to the neurologist. It wasn’t as complicated as I thought it might be.

I thought it was going to be a load of paperwork.

I will say it’s a load off my mind though (and the release form is viable for the rest of the school year, so we don’t need to renew it.)

Anyway, in other notes, today has mostly been good, minus some frustration this morning. Hope your day has been excellent. ♥️♥️♥️ I’ll go ahead and wrap this up for now.

Early A.M. Notes

Dear Ones,

I was up sharing poetry because I can’t sleep. We have to go to my son’s school Monday to fill out a release form so they can talk to his neurologist, even though we already gave verbal consent.

They say they just need it for their records, fine, I guess. Anyway, last night I got some pretty good hang out time with Courtney and Eli.

We watched classic Supermarket Sweep while we ate dinner. We had coupons from a local restaurant, so those were nice. Courtney picked up the food to bring home.

Evening Notes

Good evening, Dear Ones.

After a very brief couple days away, I’m back with new energy, and I’m largely feeling better than I was the other day.

I’ve been listening to music most of the day as well as watching shows and videos, and sharing on other venues.

I had a sort of LC “pasta” today for breakfast, and I’ve snacked a little bit since then.

I don’t know yet what I’ll do for dinner, I may not have anything (seeing as the breakfast and snacks have been largely satisfying.)

Eli’s Latest Medical News (and Some Other Brief Notes)

Yesterday was a long day. We ended up going to Boise to the pediatric neurology clinic there (instead of Salt Lake.)

They said they don’t want to rush to put Eli on anti-seizure medication, that they want us just to keep tabs on him, and that the latest imaging study came back normal.

The person that saw Eli @ the clinic wants to talk to his teacher from school, since that’s where both seizures took place.

She told us just to make follow-up appointments as needed.

In other notes: We ended up taking a shuttle van up, and the driver was an awesome woman named Leona. She paid out of her own pocket for our lunch and snacks.