• Introduction To This Blog

    I decided to launch this blog for a variety of reasons. While my other blogs have specific themes, poetry, art, reviews, this one is more of a catch all place for other various posts of interest. I welcome readers here as I do to my other blogs as well. Thank you for your visit!

  • Day Notes

    Good morning everyone,

    Had fun yesterday playing with my son, he has Minecraft toys and a remote control car he got for his birthday. We actually went outside for a bit, I was glad to see him having fun.

    Currently, he and his mother are still sleeping. I’ve been up a while creating new art. I’m probably going to sleep here in a little bit.

    I will share more here when I’m more fully awake, my eyes are barely able to focus at the moment.

  • Notes For Today

    Celebrating an early Thanksgiving with my in-laws today. This is the only day for a while that my wife’s cousins could come up.

    We are having traditional Thanksgiving foods, as well as a family recipe of homemade noodles.

    So far, it’s been pretty pleasant.

  • Eli’s 9 Year Wellness Check Notes

    My son had an appointment today (his nine year wellness check.) It went great, but he’s being referred to St. Luke’s in Twin Falls for an in depth neurologist visit. It’s just a precaution on our part since he had the seizure at school a while back.

    I’m hoping no issues are found, but his PC physician is concerned that there may be something more substantial going on.

    Guess we’ll see, please keep him in your prayers. Thank you all in advance.

  • Cool B-day Bash For Little Man

    Yesterday was pretty cool, hanging with Eli at the arcade for his birthday. He enjoyed it. We also had pizza and Froyo. Excellent times, his cousin and grandma joined us.

  • Miscellaneous Further Morning Notes

    I’ve spent most of the morning hanging out with my wife. We got breakfast, then watched CSI: Miami, presently I am watching a documentary about writer Anthony Bourdain, who I didn’t know very much about previously.

  • Morning Notes

    Good morning friends,

    It’s about 4:30 here where I am. I was already on another site this morning and found that my poetry is getting new interest there, which of course is awesome.

    I don’t know yet what all the day holds, so I’m just taking it in stride.

    Yesterday, my wife and I were supposed to meet with our apartment manager but that was postponed and I don’t know when she’s going to be able to reschedule, which is somewhat frustrating.

    We had a couple of power blackouts yesterday at our complex as well. Hopefully whatever set them off is fully resolved so there’s no repeats.

  • Well, That Was Dumb

    So, earlier in another post (now deleted) I discussed that this morning I was watching what I started out thinking was a documentary about a missing YouTuber.

    That’s how it was billed in the synopsis I read.

    As I mentioned in the deleted post, the film WAS initially holding my interest.

    As I got further into the film though thanks to the fast forward button, I realized it was indeed (as others had suspected and warned) a dumb load of nonsense.

    I stopped watching it after that, feeling like a moron for giving it my time (however briefly) in the first place.

  • Off Like A Rocket (or Wildfire)

    One of my recent art videos has taken off like a rocket (or wildfire) on another platform. I was thrilled to learn that. It made my week. I’m also still thriving elsewhere lately as well, so I’m overjoyed.

    I’m more successful with my art lately than I have been literally in the YEARS previous. I’m actually stunned by it, but continually grateful.

  • Some Family News

    A few days back, my son ended up in the E.R. after a seizure at school. He had no history of seizure, we are hoping it was a one off thing.

    We were told that if it happens again, we may need to take him to a neurologist. I’m thankful that (as far as we know) the seizure didn’t cause any lasting deficits.

  • Road Trip Photo Shots

    All shots are as the title indicates, from my recent road trip. First set are a bunch of cloudscapes (clearly) followed by a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

    The rest are from my birthday meal at Texas Roadhouse, yes, oddly enough that exists in Idaho, for those who didn’t know already.

    Anyway, pictured from the meal: a chicken fried sirloin and one of the best bowls of chili I ever had.