Day Notes (Sept. 2, 2022)

Good morning, Dear Ones.

Punching the keys early because later I’ll be hanging out with my family. My son is off from school through the weekend, so glad for that.

Presently, I’m watching a movie, might share notes on it later at my review blog, haven’t made a decision.

In other notes, I got to talk with my mother briefly yesterday, which was good, except she’s still grieving my grandma’s death, obviously. We’re all dealing, some of us better than others.

One way I’m dealing is simply by holding tighter to the Loved ones I have left. That’s kind of what today is about, trying to get in more quality time with them.

My mother said she woke up from a nap yesterday and reflexively looked for my grandma, before she was fully awake.

Then it registered (again) that my grand is dead. My heart breaks for my own loss, but also for hers, they were very close.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I do take comfort that my grand knows the Lord. Anyway, I’ll go ahead and wrap this up before it becomes novel length. Thanks for reading, and much Love.

Day Notes

Hello friends,

It’s literally 2 a.m. here and I can’t sleep. Watching Forensic Files at present. Also in quite a bit of physical pain, I don’t know if I pulled a muscle or what.

Anyway, my son has school in a few hours, I found out via a paper sent home with him that apparently he won’t be receiving homework from the district this year. I don’t know what prompted that decision on their part.

He’s been doing well as far as we know in class, getting along with his teachers and classmates and such. I’m hoping that remains the case all year.

Sad Personal News

My grandma B is on her way out, Dr. gave her 48 hours at their best estimate. It hit me pretty hard, I’ll confess, but she’s had a great life overall (especially in later years until her decline) and my grandpa Donald (her husband) passed a few years back which I know was rough on her.

To my knowledge, both of them know the Lord, so I’m comforted in that knowledge. I know the here and now is not all there is.

I’ll miss her, and life here without her won’t be the same, but at least her struggles with the ailments she dealt with in this life will be over.

Morning Check In and Notes

Good morning friends.

Right now, I’m watching a documentary about tech, warfare, and space. It’s pretty interesting so far. In other notes, I have a few new projects I’ll be bringing to this blog shortly.

Also, on a more personal/family note, my son’s first day of school went great. He doesn’t have homework as of yet since he’s still acclimating, but I’m expecting that’ll change soon enough.

I’m going to strive to be more involved with him this school year, looking forward to seeing his knowledge expand and helping him in that regard.

Anyway, that’s a fair amount for early morning notes. Back soon, much Love and have a beautiful, blessed day all.

Exciting New Things

Here in a short bit, I will be headed out to meet my son’s teacher for this year. Excited for that, I hope he gets a good one. In other notes, I submitted a couple of decorative art pieces to a stock image/photography site. I am hoping they get approved for the site. I will get commission each time someone downloads them, if they are approved.

My goal is to become a consistent contributor there, to make it my full time gig.


So, I was feeling down earlier, but my cousin Wanda & my aunt Mary kind of “talked me off the ledge” as the saying goes. I am so thankful they were available to pick me up, I could feel their Love even though we’re States away from each other, and that is precious.

New Morning Notes

Every writer, at some time or another wonders if all their best work is done. They wonder if they’ve murdered the last ember of their creativity, or they wonder if they were ever really any good at the craft at all. My point is, doubts and questions for a writer are as natural as the hues of leaves changing every year. If you have questions, if you have doubts, those don’t have to be the end of days to your writing career.

Step away, take a breath, examine your heart, your soul, your mind, your previous work, gain some perspective. Never force creativity, because forced creativity will make your writing dull, lifeless. Passion matters as much as substance. Go out & live, deliberately. Live as if today is the last set of heartbeats you’ll get. None besides God knows how many we’ll get. If you think of, and live life as a blessing rather than a burden, you’ll be better off.

In your writing, and in general.

A Few Morning Notes

Good morning, everyone.

I’m consuming as much writing as I can. I’m hoping to draw on it later for inspiration in my own material. Writers like Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway often drew on their own life for material.

This has become classic advice among writers, to write what they know. When you have an endless well of experience to draw from, writer’s block can’t really find a good foothold.

I know of one writer who has built an entire career just jotting down his nightmares. Not that I’d always advise that or think it works for everyone, but it’s good methodology for him at least.