Follow-up to My Great Update
Use my download link to get 10,000 good vibes when you sign up on Presto!

This is my link for any of my connections to join the new app I’ve been enjoying. If you are in any way creatively inclined as I am, you’ll get great use of it.

P.S. Vibes are what the in app point system is called, the Vibes you receive for your content can be redeemed for actual currency.

Great Update!

I’ve been on a roll sharing creative content on a brand new (to me) app. A friend of mine introduced my wife to it & she invited me. I’ll have my link to it up in the near future (once my account gets verified.) So far I’m loving it, and not only can I post art, but I can post photos, videos, and snippets of my poetry as well. It’s like the perfect creative outlet, if anything can be called such a thing.

Today’s Notes

What’s new friends? It’s been a great day today. I had a low carb coffee and a bunless Whopper for brunch. I feel like I’ve got more energy than I’ve had in ages.

Also, been hanging out with my wife while my son is in school. It’s about time to go get him.

In other notes: I had the shortest conversation I’ve ever had with my father earlier. It was only like 10 minutes or so. He updated me on how his wife is doing, she’s okay overall, despite still having some med issues.

As you all know if you follow my niche art blog, I continue to be on a roll there. Anyway, I don’t want to ramble too much, so I’ll go ahead and wrap this up.

Morning Notes

I’ve been on a roll with the new art, and the options with the new program seem endless. I even have at least one person interested in a possible buy, so if that goes through it’ll be awesome.

In other notes, my wife has an appointment shortly, and then we’ll go have lunch together. Currently, we are watching shows and I am trying to think of new design ideas.

I’m not sure what all else the day will bring, but hopefully great things.

Evening Notes

Hello again, everyone,

I had a very productive day (once my hands felt better.) I went back to trying out a new (to me) art program I’ve really been enjoying. I have fresh content to share on my niche art blog as well, so looking forward to bringing those to you all if you happen to follow me there.

Also, had a good, albeit brief conversation with a fellow artist friend of mine.

Final notes:

Since my son is out of school through the weekend, I’ll be getting as much time in with him as I can. Right now, he’s asleep though. My wife suggested we take him to a food truck tomorrow, I think he’ll love that.

Anyway, going to wrap this up for now.

Micro Morning Notes

So, as you may have noticed if you follow my niche art blog, I went on a sharing spree there yesterday. I also shared several other places, and I am, if I’m honest, in a lot of pain right now in regards to my hands. I don’t think I’ll be spending a lot of time punching the keys today. I’ll be back when I’m feeling up to it, thanks in advance for your patience.

Exciting New Things

Here in a short bit, I will be headed out to meet my son’s teacher for this year. Excited for that, I hope he gets a good one. In other notes, I submitted a couple of decorative art pieces to a stock image/photography site. I am hoping they get approved for the site. I will get commission each time someone downloads them, if they are approved.

My goal is to become a consistent contributor there, to make it my full time gig.

Cool Day Out w/the Family

Today was a good day, but now I’m worn out. We took my son to the local fairgrounds. We got lunch & drinks there (from a Soda Frenzy booth.) We also went to see how my wife’s art placed in the contest, she got one 1st place ribbon, and one 2nd place ribbon.

We looked at other contestants artwork while we were there, there was one superhero diamond painting, featuring Batman, Superman, The Flash, & Wonder Woman. It was pretty cool. We saw a couple people we knew while we were there. A classmate of Eli’s (named Michael) and his grandmother, and a family friend.

Anyway, now I am back home in the A/C resting, I don’t know what all we’ll do later this evening.

Morning Notes

It’s been a bit since my last update here, I know. Apologies for that. Anyway, today we are taking some of my wife’s art to a local venue to be showcased.

Excited to find out how it does.

In other notes, spent the morning hanging out with my son. We played a few games. He’s really into a stunt car racing one

Anyway, other than what I’ve mentioned, I’m not sure what all else we’re going to do for the day. I guess just see whatever it brings.

Cheers and Love to you all, going to wrap this up for now.

Day Notes

Life lately has been awesome,

I got my son up early this morning to hang out w/him, and overall he was splendidly behaved. We played Frisbee golf on the Wii, and watched shows, and such. Presently, he’s visiting my in-laws, I have no idea what the rest of the day holds, but if it continues to be as good as the morning was, then I’ll be a happy man.

In other notes, our apartment has been kept reasonably clean, which is definitely a burden off our shoulders. I’ve been creating new art to share in the coming days as well, so something to look forward to if you follow my niche art blog.