Great Morning

Good morning everyone,

I have been up creating new art, a digital design of a woman, inspired by old school leather engravings. I do plan on sharing it to my niche art blog shortly, but it’s already been shared on one of my social media accounts in the meantime. I created it because I wanted a break from the pattern art.

Here in a little while, I will be going to do some photography, & hanging out w/my wife. I sent her a background I designed so that she can use it in a collaborative art piece. She hasn’t decided yet the specifics of that, but I will showcase it online after it’s completed of course.

For The Artistically Inclined

For people who may be readers of this blog, but who may not follow my niche art blog yet, I thought I’d share this. It’s my latest art design there, and you can check out my other art posts there as well if you are so inclined. Furthermore, while I’d never try to mandate that you pass my content around, if you know someone you think would enjoy it and WANT to share it with them, I’d never object to that.

Quite the contrary actually, I’d very much APPRECIATE that if you chose to do so.