News: Some Major Players In The Tech Company Field Want To Eradicate Passwords Entirely

I have read that some mega tech companies want to completely eradicate the dependence on passwords. Preferring instead to use other methods to authenticate user identities. I get it (to some extent) passwords can be a pain sometimes, but there are major issues w/some other methods of authentication as well.

I guess NO system is perfect.

Elon Musk,Twitter, & The Cancel Cult

I’ve been reading that many people want Elon Musk to buy Twitter. Elon believes in free people being able to speak their minds without the cancel cult being able to just shut down anything they dislike.

As long as Elon keeps said reasonable mindset, I’d be all for him buying Twitter (and any other social he sees fit) to save said socials from the insanity that is the cancel mob.

Not surprisingly, there are those who HATE the idea, because they ENJOY being able to silence anyone w/POV’s different from their own. Some of the people who hate the idea, are calling anyone who encourages Elon to buy Twitter “mentally ill” etc.

It will be interesting (to say the least) to see what comes of it all.