Calling It A Day

Hello again,

I think I will call it a day here on the blog. I have been up a while & need to get some sleep. I MIGHT get back to posting in a day or so, but like on my other venues, I don’t want to suffer burnout. Anyway, Love to you all, and thank you for supporting. 🙂

Blogging Your Way

Some people use their blogs to send out “micro-shares” to their readers, short blurb-like posts like they do with their “status” on social media. Others may choose to write full length articles, still OTHERS may choose to mix it up & do a combination.

I personally would read either/or, I find neither choice to be inherently bad. It’s really a matter of personal taste, rather than either technique being a set in stone law of blogging.

Fellow Bloggers, Aspire To Leave Your Readers BETTER OFF Than When They First Came To Your Pages

Everybody has a congregation. People within their sphere of influence. When a blogger communicates to readers, he (or she) is talking to their congregation, in a sense.

The question, is are they communicating something worthwhile? Are they bettering the lives of those they are communicating to?

These are things worth thinking about for any blogger. Now, not every post has to have a serious tone, there’s a place for things such as humor, entertainment, etc. I’m not slamming these things at all.

Ultimately, a blogger wants their readers to leave their pages better off than when they first came to them. Whether it’s through having learned something, gaining inspiration, or any other capacity possible.

A Lesson From Charles Dickens

I read somewhere recently that one of Charles Dickens’ novels was originally published not as a book, but as a series of articles. Whether the story is based in fact or not, it’s still a cool story, and (especially) in the blogging age, very helpful to aspiring writers everywhere.

Assuming the story is true, why not take a page (or a few) from his playbook?

Just Some Thoughts

Sometimes people here may disconnect from bloggers they once followed (for a variety of reasons, like loss of interest or whatever). However, if it seems you’ve lost a follower, that may not be any fault of yours in some cases at all. It’s sometimes possible that spam accounts (fake ones) could get purged from WordPress.

Also, genuine users may at times simply choose to abandon the platform, and if they do, THAT’S another reason they might disappear from your connections.

My point, is don’t jump to a conclusion if you lose a follower here, don’t dwell on it too hard or beat yourself up for something that might not even have anything to do with you personally.

If you do think you’ve lost a connection you’ve gotten to know well b/c of something you said or did to them personally, maybe write to them and request (never hostilely demand) that they talk it out with you. You may find them open to that. If they are not, don’t harass them, just let it go.

Good Evening To All

Good evening dear readers.

Today has been a great day overall. I spent some of it writing on other venues, hanging out with my wife, watching movies (some of which I’ll write commentaries on @ my review journal later) among other things. I hope that where ever you are in the world, you’ve had at least as happy a day as I have.

My plans for the evening are family time, dinner, and then I’ll see where the rest goes.

On a side note, I am trying out a new app that was recommended to me on socials. For good or ill, (meaning whether it works out well or not) I will be writing up a review/commentary about it in the coming days.