I’d Rather Brutal Honesty Than A Comforting Lie

Making statements of fact is not bullying, despite what many these days think. Just because someone might find truth offensive doesn’t mean anyone should shy away from speaking it.

I rather someone be brutally honest than for them to tell me a comforting lie.

Compassion Should Not Be Berated

Having compassion for people, taking care of the widowed, the poor, etc. especially, is nothing to be berated and demonized. Yet, I’ve seen some (pretty backwards) people who get offended at the suggestion that such people should be helped.

We who believe in helping such people, don’t do it because we at all believe such people are pathetic or weak. We don’t do it to look down on anyone. We do it because it’s the moral and Loving thing to do.

Anyone getting offended about it needs to seriously get a grip.