Notes On Jeff German

I just read about an investigative journalist being stabbed to death outside his home in Las Vegas.

His name was Jeff German.

According to what I read, the perpetrator is still being pursued. I didn’t know anything about German prior to the crime, but my hope is that the circumstances of his death aren’t the main thing he’s remembered for.

He was actually, (according to further reading) quite a skilled individual in his field. I do hope his family gets swift justice.

Evening Notes On A Tragic Film

Earlier, I watched a movie about two young women fighting over a guy on social media.

That’s bad in itself of course, but when their feud enters the offline realm, horror and heartbreak ensue, with one of them ending up dead.

I don’t know if the film was based on a true story, but it’s a parable for the modern age. The primary lesson being that letting jealousy and rage consume you will only ultimately lead to destruction and grief.

There’s more that viewers can take away from the film, but these are just my immediate thoughts after initial viewing.

In Defense of the Unborn

I am and will always be against abortion, it IS murder, regardless of the many arguments it’s advocates use to claim otherwise.

I’ve seen people fight for the rights of animals, and even some fight for hardened guilty criminals to not be executed, yet some of these same people think it’s perfectly moral to murder innocent children in the womb.

Children are the most innocent in our society, if a mother actually doesn’t want the child, there are plenty of people who would give them a loving home.

Response To The Product of Rape/Incest Argument

Rape & incest are atrocious crimes, but killing a baby who is the product of rape or incest is atrocious as well. Punishing a child for the circumstances by which they were conceived (which they had zero control over) is compounding an already terrible situation, not fixing it.

News: Man Murdered Neighbor For Refusing To Go Shopping For Him

I was informed by an independent journalist friend of mine about a man who killed his neighbor for simply refusing to go to the store for him. The fact that something as small as a refusal to go shopping prompted literal murder is heartbreaking & deranged.

One question I wonder, why couldn’t the guy just get someone ELSE to go shopping for him? There are apps that allow people to have groceries & such delivered these days. Furthermore, where is the guy’s conscience?

This tragedy was senseless & vile.

False Rape Accusations & Accountability

What I am about to write may tick off certain people, but it needs to be written. Sometimes, false rape accusations are made against people. The reasons for the false accusations may be as varied as the accusers themselves.

For the record, I am not saying, or implying in any way, that ALL rape accusations are false, just that false accusations do at times happen.

Just as rape is wrong, so is falsely accusing someone of such a crime. I believe that just as a rapist ought to be held accountable, a person who levels false rape charges against someone ought to be held accountable as well.