A Few Thoughts

I’m learning that a lot of disabled people turn to art, from Christy Brown to Frida Kahlo and beyond. This is not a commentary on whether people are fans of their work or even them as people, just was an interesting bit of information.

Disability can be limiting, but it doesn’t have to define a person if they do suffer affliction. They can still be great contributors to society in whatever field they choose.

I am just personally particularly drawn to and inspired by disabled people in the art field in general, because I relate immensely.

Whether I’m a fan of a particular disabled artist or a particular art piece over another, is a discussion for another day. I don’t want to turn this into a tangent.

Disability & Bullying

When I was a young boy, I rode a bus with other disabled children for years. Seeing the severity of some of their impairments made me grateful mine wasn’t worse. I will always be grateful for that. Beyond the struggles of the disabilities themselves though, there was also the bullying.

What possesses someone to bully a person over a DISABILITY is beyond me.

Just Needed To Address This

Welfare is a LIFELINE for many people with physical and/or mental ailments of some form. I’ve seen attacks against those on assistance for years.

I am definitely against abuses of the system, they deserve to be called out, but they are rare as I understand it, despite what some would have people believe.

There are plenty of people that I know who would give anything NOT to need the assistance. People need to quit being ignorant and smearing/demonizing those who are just trying to survive the best they can under rough circumstances.

Food For Thought

“If you use your head, you won’t have to break your back”-Travis Meadows

This quote is from one of Travis’ songs and it makes a lot of sense to me. It’s essentially his version of “Work smarter, not harder”.

For those like me with physical disabilities but good minds, this definitely applies even more. We HAVE to rely on our creativity and such to compensate for our physical ailments.