Short Notes On Sheep Shearing

After seeing a video on a video sharing site, regarding sheep shearing, I decided to look more into it. Shearing has been around for ages, and as I understand it, modern shearing methods & technology are generally safe for the sheep, though no technology or method is perfect of course.

Human error (or technical malfunction) can cause accidents & injury, but the benefits (to humans, in regards to resources, and sheep themselves in regards to health & wellness) are well known to outweigh the risks. I would never advise anyone without proper training shear a sheep, at least not without professional supervision.

This of course is common sense.

I Love The Visionaries

I am inspired more & more these days by the deep thinkers & visionaries of the world. Those who, when they are told they can’t achieve something great, they work & fight for it that much harder. I am inspired by the artistic, and even sometimes the eccentric, the nerds, the oddballs.

I am fairly reasonably educated, but I think had I grown up w/more of these types in my circle, my life would have turned out majorly different. I would have been MORE driven than I already am, I would have had a DEEPER curiosity, I would have shot for higher goals than I’ve probably even fathomed presently.

I Converted My Phone To A P.C. Speaker

Recently, I learned how to convert a smart phone into a speaker for a P.C. It’s pretty simple, I found out how to do it when my Bluetooth speaker that I originally had was discovered to be incompatible with my replacement operating system that I recently installed.

Quality wise, my phone as a speaker is pretty good, I’m not going to complain much.

Really useful information to have in a predicament like I had. Even though you CAN convert a smart phone to a P.C. speaker and have it reasonably work, ideally you never have a situation where you need to in the first place.

Fellow Parents, Who Is Influencing Your Children?

When people embrace literal insanity and call it progress, it makes me worry about humanity as a species, and about my son especially. The “Twilight Zone” episode that is our current reality, where so many people don’t seem to know up from down, left from right, right from wrong, is not at all the world I THOUGHT he’d be growing up in.

It’s a parent’s job (among many) to keep their children well grounded, balanced,rational, but with so much foolishness floating around these days, that job is proving quite a bit more challenging than I ever anticipated.

Children are highly impressionable, pay attention to the voices of those influencing your children, you don’t want your children ensnared/tripped up/misled.