Eli’s 9 Year Wellness Check Notes

My son had an appointment today (his nine year wellness check.) It went great, but he’s being referred to St. Luke’s in Twin Falls for an in depth neurologist visit. It’s just a precaution on our part since he had the seizure at school a while back.

I’m hoping no issues are found, but his PC physician is concerned that there may be something more substantial going on.

Guess we’ll see, please keep him in your prayers. Thank you all in advance.

Day Notes (Sept. 2, 2022)

Good morning, Dear Ones.

Punching the keys early because later I’ll be hanging out with my family. My son is off from school through the weekend, so glad for that.

Presently, I’m watching a movie, might share notes on it later at my review blog, haven’t made a decision.

In other notes, I got to talk with my mother briefly yesterday, which was good, except she’s still grieving my grandma’s death, obviously. We’re all dealing, some of us better than others.

One way I’m dealing is simply by holding tighter to the Loved ones I have left. That’s kind of what today is about, trying to get in more quality time with them.

My mother said she woke up from a nap yesterday and reflexively looked for my grandma, before she was fully awake.

Then it registered (again) that my grand is dead. My heart breaks for my own loss, but also for hers, they were very close.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I do take comfort that my grand knows the Lord. Anyway, I’ll go ahead and wrap this up before it becomes novel length. Thanks for reading, and much Love.

Sad Personal News

My grandma B is on her way out, Dr. gave her 48 hours at their best estimate. It hit me pretty hard, I’ll confess, but she’s had a great life overall (especially in later years until her decline) and my grandpa Donald (her husband) passed a few years back which I know was rough on her.

To my knowledge, both of them know the Lord, so I’m comforted in that knowledge. I know the here and now is not all there is.

I’ll miss her, and life here without her won’t be the same, but at least her struggles with the ailments she dealt with in this life will be over.

Breaks My Heart

It came to my attention recently that Elon Musk (sometime a bit ago which I evidently missed initially) said he is “okay with going to hell”. I’m not sure the full context of the statement, but I can’t even explain how much statements like this break my heart.

I wouldn’t wish hell on my absolute worst enemy.

My hope is that he will come to realize his need for Christ, and be saved.

Fellow Believers, Stand Firm

Just as souls are precious to the Lord, so they ought to be precious to we believers as well. Speak truth in boldness & Love and never compromise it, regardless of those who are venomous against the truth. We ought to Love people so deeply that the thought of ANYONE not knowing the Lord breaks our hearts.

If someone hates you, I encourage you to pray for them.

An Update On My Wife (Since Her Great Uncle Passed)

As readers know, my wife recently lost her great uncle. She is actually holding up fairly well, given the circumstances.

I want to (again) thank those who have kept her & us in your prayers, you have my everlasting gratitude.

One thing about my wife is she feels things especially deeply, which is a beautiful thing usually, but not so much where pain is concerned. If I could take away her grief I gladly would, the best I can do is to be there for her THROUGH the grieving process, with Love & support.