Breakfast Outing

Been a great morning so far. My wife and I went to a breakfast outing at Denny’s.

Great Dinner & Evening Last Night…(and Morning Notes)

Hello Dear ones,

I had a great evening (for the most part) last night. Dinner was Alfredo pasta, salad, and fruit punch. It was delicious and there were leftovers, which I will likely have for lunch today. In other notes: My son has an upcoming field trip before the school year is out, to a planetarium. I am hoping it’s really beneficial to him & sparks great curiosity in his young mind.

He has a dental appointment today, which he’s not thrilled about, but he is excited that he gets the day out of school for it. I can definitely understand and relate to that. As for what specifically he’ll do after his appointment, that’s TBD. We’ll just go w/the flow today & see where it goes.

Outing Plans Today

Today, I am going to take my wife to a fish & chips food truck that we’ve been excited about.

It only comes through our area on occasion, so when the opportunity to go presented, I couldn’t pass it up.

My son will (unfortunately) not be joining us this time around, because he’ll be in school. If the food truck makes it’s way back to our area around his Summer break in May/June time frame, then of course he’ll join us when we go then.

Maybe this time around, even though he won’t be joining us, I’ll still get him some fries/chips. He isn’t a major fan of their fish anyway these days.