Necessary Notes On Courage In Law Enforcement

Anyone going into a law enforcement career knows there is the possibility they will be in harrowing, even life threatening situations.

If they (for whatever reason) can’t handle that, then they need to find another line of work. Their lives, and the lives of people in their community could LITERALLY depend on them having the courage/fortitude to face down threats in a quick & competent manner.

Good Morning and Other Notes

Good morning again all.

Thought I’d get back to sharing here now that I’ve had a reasonable few hours to rest.

I am presently watching a documentary show. So far it’s holding my interest. It’s American history related, which is great for me. It’s also about a family and their struggles in the aftermath of war. It’s further about fortitude & Love in the midst of hardship.

It has lessons in it that our society at large could learn from. It’s one of the better things I’ve seen over the years.