Naomi Judd Dead @ 76

I just found out country music lost a bright star, Naomi Judd. I grew up listening to her music, and knew she had health issues for years. She will be dearly missed.

An Update On My Wife (Since Her Great Uncle Passed)

As readers know, my wife recently lost her great uncle. She is actually holding up fairly well, given the circumstances.

I want to (again) thank those who have kept her & us in your prayers, you have my everlasting gratitude.

One thing about my wife is she feels things especially deeply, which is a beautiful thing usually, but not so much where pain is concerned. If I could take away her grief I gladly would, the best I can do is to be there for her THROUGH the grieving process, with Love & support.

Morning Notes & A Prayer Request

Dear all,

I couldn’t sleep any longer, so I figured I may as well be productive. Later, my wife is going to her great uncle Jack’s funeral. Jack is her grandfather’s younger brother. He was elderly & as far as we know died of natural causes, but even so it’s never easy losing someone.

My son will be staying home w/me, I just felt I’d serve better/be more useful at home w/him than at the funeral.

I do ask my readers who pray to keep my wife (and the family @ large) in your prayers, thank you in advance. Pray for comfort & peace is what I mostly ask.