The Crazy On Tik Tok Is Thick

As the title here says, the crazy on Tik Tok is thick. Some of the things I’ve stumbled across on there are SO FAR out of touch w/rationality that it’s laughable. The platform does still have value, but it’s important to “separate the wheat from the chaff” so to speak.

WHAT a person is known and stands for matters, some people are so hungry just to be known for SOMETHING they never stop to think about what they are actually putting out onto the platform & into the world. I advise they do stop and think about it.

Social media of any sort can be a wonderful tool when used wisely, but when it’s not, that can have very bad results.

Fellow Parents, Who Is Influencing Your Children?

When people embrace literal insanity and call it progress, it makes me worry about humanity as a species, and about my son especially. The “Twilight Zone” episode that is our current reality, where so many people don’t seem to know up from down, left from right, right from wrong, is not at all the world I THOUGHT he’d be growing up in.

It’s a parent’s job (among many) to keep their children well grounded, balanced,rational, but with so much foolishness floating around these days, that job is proving quite a bit more challenging than I ever anticipated.

Children are highly impressionable, pay attention to the voices of those influencing your children, you don’t want your children ensnared/tripped up/misled.