On The Use of the Word Spaz: Context Matters

So, there is a lot of controversy, people up in arms, over the use of the word spaz, which comes from the word spastic. If you call someone a spaz in a mocking way, yeah I can see how that’s offensive, but as someone who has a spastic disorder, I don’t find the term INHERENTLY offensive.

If someone used the word spaz simply as an accurate descriptive term, rather than mocking, I’d be fine with that.

Heart Failure & Flu Like Symptoms

I just came across some stunning information. This may be common knowledge to some, but I share about it for the rest. Evidently, heart failure can cause flu like symptoms. I am not trying to fear-monger, or have everyone & their mother panic-Googling on the subject.

I do advise that if you have flu like symptoms, you have yourself professionally evaluated in case it IS something more serious.