Just Needed To Address This

I love 🎵🎶 as much as anybody, but I have to admit that anyone charging thousands of dollars for concert tickets would immediately put me off. Greed is never a beautiful thing, in fact, greed is a sin.

I am all for supporting artists of all kinds, visual, musical, etc. but being willing to support them is far different from allowing them to take advantage of me.

Got Bad News, Followed By Great News

Found out that a singer/poet that I’ve been a fan of for years had his voice put at risk a while back. Thankfully, he’s recovered from what his doctors initially believed was irreparable damage.

I’ve got a good inkling that he still has plenty of songs to share with the world at large, he’s one of the best songwriters that has ever graced the planet with his talent, and he recognizes that being able to do so is a gift/blessing.

Miscellaneous Notes

Good morning, Dear Ones.

I was listening earlier to an audiobook biography of one of my favorite guitarists. It had me completely caught up in it. I still plan to share new original music on WordPress soon. I’m not sure if it will be purely experimental, or a specifically defined genre yet.

There’s plenty to enjoy about music, but one of my favorite aspects is how each piece is it’s own fresh adventure, in a sense. Each piece has it’s own pace & style, evoking such a wide variety of emotions & thoughts.

In Memory of Jeff Carson

I read earlier that country artist turned law enforcement officer Jeff Carson has died at age 58. I am familiar with some of his music from my youth. My heart goes out to his family & other fans of his music. It is said he died of a heart attack.

In memory/tribute, I will share one of my favorite songs from him, his cover of Bob Carlisle’s “Butterfly Kisses”.

Sometimes you write the songs….

“Sometimes you write the songs, sometimes the songs write you”-Guy Charles Clark

Reading the above quote, I take it to mean that a song can be life changing, that it can influence you profoundly, and from personal experience I can attest to the truth of that. One of the reasons I’m enamored with music is because of the wide range of things it can do.

It can inspire, it can uplift when someone is down, it can even be educational. I think music is one of the greatest things we’ve ever been blessed with, which is not to say we should make an idol out of it, of course, but I am thankful for it.

A Short Note

Presently watching a (primarily folk) music documentary. My hope is that it will spark some fresh poetic inspiration in me.

It’s so far beautiful and thought provoking. Though my goal isn’t to write a review of it. I may do that another day, I haven’t made a final decision.