Sickening, Tragic News

I just heard about a young kid basically, (only 18) who was killed for his conservative politics. Whatever happened to reasoned discussion and debate?

I hate how divided my country has become, I’m sick to death of it, honestly. According to the murderer, his victim was a right wing extremist.

I’ve been around long enough to know that word/phrase gets thrown around far too easily these days though.

Food For Thought

Hitler & the Nazis were LITERAL genocidal nutjobs, needless to say, I get tired of hearing my fellow American citizens calling anyone they disagree w/politically a Nazi.

I’ve heard it all too often, and I’m SURE (no matter how fervently you disagree w/a fellow citizen) they are not (most likely) genocidal maniacs.

I’ve said my piece, just something worth thinking about.

Fair Enough??

What I want from the next President of the United States is that said person be intelligent, strong, moral, and care about the country. I don’t think any of these things are too much to ask for. I don’t expect perfection, because none of us live up to that, but be a reasonably decent human.