Well, That Was Dumb

So, earlier in another post (now deleted) I discussed that this morning I was watching what I started out thinking was a documentary about a missing YouTuber.

That’s how it was billed in the synopsis I read.

As I mentioned in the deleted post, the film WAS initially holding my interest.

As I got further into the film though thanks to the fast forward button, I realized it was indeed (as others had suspected and warned) a dumb load of nonsense.

I stopped watching it after that, feeling like a moron for giving it my time (however briefly) in the first place.

Enough Is Enough

When I was growing up, we watched television to be educated, entertained, etc. What I’ve seen as an adult though is that many shows are flooded with constant propaganda.

Frankly, it gets more than a little tiresome to see. I do not watch things to have propaganda shoved down my throat, and I know many others who feel the same way.

Whoever decided to turn many streaming services and the like into propaganda outlets,people are getting fed up. Legally, these outlets can make the content they want, but when people start tuning out, it shouldn’t come as a great shock.

Bob Saget and The Media’s Gluttony For Salaciousness

I read earlier that Bob Saget, known to me from the classic shows Full House and America’s Funniest Home Videos, at long last had his cause of death determined.

According to the information I found out, he died of head trauma. It still breaks my heart, but I am glad his family and we fans have closure.

There was speculation that he overdosed, a common assumption when a public figure of his caliber passes away.

It angers me immensely how media, in their gluttony for salaciousness smears people.