Notes On Jeff German

I just read about an investigative journalist being stabbed to death outside his home in Las Vegas.

His name was Jeff German.

According to what I read, the perpetrator is still being pursued. I didn’t know anything about German prior to the crime, but my hope is that the circumstances of his death aren’t the main thing he’s remembered for.

He was actually, (according to further reading) quite a skilled individual in his field. I do hope his family gets swift justice.

Evening Notes On A Tragic Film

Earlier, I watched a movie about two young women fighting over a guy on social media.

That’s bad in itself of course, but when their feud enters the offline realm, horror and heartbreak ensue, with one of them ending up dead.

I don’t know if the film was based on a true story, but it’s a parable for the modern age. The primary lesson being that letting jealousy and rage consume you will only ultimately lead to destruction and grief.

There’s more that viewers can take away from the film, but these are just my immediate thoughts after initial viewing.

A Practical Deterrent Against School Crime

My reaction to the recent shooting at a school in Uvalde (not far from the town in Texas that I spent much of my childhood in) is that we need to better protect our children, which I think any reasonable person can agree on.

The question then, is how to go about this, and my suggestion is to beef up security at schools nationwide.

Putting up signs that say “this is a gun free zone” does nothing to actually protect people from evil individuals bent on committing atrocities. In fact, I think it is counterproductive.

If anything it ANNOUNCES to such people that the school grounds are vulnerable.

On the other hand, ACTIVELY BEEFING UP SECURITY, whether it’s by significantly adding law enforcement at the grounds, or training teachers to defend their students against criminals, or both, would act as a real deterrent.