Present Thoughts On EV’s

I heard about a man charging his EV (electric vehicle) for 10 hours, and it only reaching 20% power. Whether you are an EV fan, opponent, or indifferent either way, you’d have to admit that is a sad display of inefficiency.

I don’t know what caused the issue, but it’s not the first concerning thing I’ve heard about EV’s in general.

Am I discouraging the use of EV’s? You may wonder. I’d simply advise people weigh the pros and cons, research for themselves.

Personally, I’m not buying one anytime soon.

A Few Things In Mind

I have been thinking about traveling and some places my wife and I’d like to go. Especially in mind are places I think my son would enjoy as well.

This Summer, we are going to take him to Pocatello, he’s mostly going there for an appointment, but I don’t want it to be all clinical.

Last time my wife and I were there, prior to Eli being born back in 2013, we went to a place called Outer Limits Fun Zone, an arcade.

I know Eli would love that.

I just need to make sure it’s still open, seeing as so many businesses have closed down in the last couple years.