Truth Bomb

Entitled children with delusions of grandeur who never receive correction, or who are taught to dismiss it, grow up to be disrespectful, narcissistic, lawless adults, and we all suffer the fallout.

A Defense of Elon Musk

There are people trying to paint Elon Musk as a racist, he isn’t, not at all. In fact, he left South Africa so that he would not have to spend years in Military service to the apartheid government. He had no desire to oppress black people, or anyone, and in fact has done quite a lot for humanity at large.

Nonetheless, the hit pieces and smear campaigns will probably keep coming from those who hate him with an insane and fierce passion.

Loving The Sinner, Condemning The Sin

Jesus is well known for Loving people, but never once did He ever endorse sin.

All Christians know (by His example) that we can and should Love people, without accepting/approving the evil deeds that people are at times inclined to.

Condemning an ACTION is not the same as hating the person engaged in said action. If for example, my son stole a dollar from me, I would still Love him, but I would rightly condemn his thievery.

The idea that rebuking wrongdoing is bigotry toward the person engaged in the wrongdoing is utter nonsense.

A Short Note of Advice

We ought to be careful and prayerful about the people we allow into our lives. We ought to actively avoid those who are detrimental to us, those who are poisonous to our well being. I’ve heard it said, “bad company corrupts good character” and that’s an important thing to realize & keep in mind.