Miscellaneous Further Morning Notes

I’ve spent most of the morning hanging out with my wife. We got breakfast, then watched CSI: Miami, presently I am watching a documentary about writer Anthony Bourdain, who I didn’t know very much about previously.

Why I’m Skeptical of Abuse “Revelations” In So Called Memoirs Written For Profit

I’m skeptical often of people who put accusations of abuse and such into so called memoirs etc. that they’re writing for profit. Especially if they NEVER made the claims until they were trying to drum up interest in said books.

It’s a well known, albeit unfortunate fact that in our society, scandal sells.

Also, claiming victimhood of some form or another is en vogue these days, unfortunately. People who claim victimhood for attention or profit do a disservice to people who’ve actually been abused, and they ruin lives and legacies w/their false accusations as well, sometimes irreparably.

It’s also interesting to me how many times, such accusations are made after the accused has died, and can’t challenge (or at least answer) such charges. In such cases, it’s the family of the accused that suffers the fallout.

New Morning Notes

Every writer, at some time or another wonders if all their best work is done. They wonder if they’ve murdered the last ember of their creativity, or they wonder if they were ever really any good at the craft at all. My point is, doubts and questions for a writer are as natural as the hues of leaves changing every year. If you have questions, if you have doubts, those don’t have to be the end of days to your writing career.

Step away, take a breath, examine your heart, your soul, your mind, your previous work, gain some perspective. Never force creativity, because forced creativity will make your writing dull, lifeless. Passion matters as much as substance. Go out & live, deliberately. Live as if today is the last set of heartbeats you’ll get. None besides God knows how many we’ll get. If you think of, and live life as a blessing rather than a burden, you’ll be better off.

In your writing, and in general.

A Few Morning Notes

Good morning, everyone.

I’m consuming as much writing as I can. I’m hoping to draw on it later for inspiration in my own material. Writers like Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway often drew on their own life for material.

This has become classic advice among writers, to write what they know. When you have an endless well of experience to draw from, writer’s block can’t really find a good foothold.

I know of one writer who has built an entire career just jotting down his nightmares. Not that I’d always advise that or think it works for everyone, but it’s good methodology for him at least.

Early Morning Notes

It’s a bit after three, and I, I cannot sleep. So I’m watching a biography of Hemingway in the dark on screen. It’s holding my interest, so that’s a plus at least.

I am thinking of submitting some poetry to a few new venues for publication, soon. Since the Hemingway biography is running on my screen, I’m typing this up via my phone.

I’ve got so much poetry that sorting through it to see what would be fitting for which venues may present something of a challenge.

Then though, I like a challenge.

Some Personal Notes

I had a great dinner outing w/family last night. The place we ate at had a cinnamon and honey dessert that my wife & son are big fans of. I loved that they enjoyed themselves & I loved the quality time as well.

This morning, I’ve been watching a reboot of Rod Serling’s “The Twilight Zone”. The particular reboot I’m watching is hosted by Forest Whitaker. My wife & son are sleeping presently, which is reasonable given that it’s 2:30 A.M. here. Earlier, I shared some photos on another venue, where I’ve generally been getting good interest.

In other notes, you all may remember I started sharing a short story here a while back called “The Anniversary Interview”… I still intend to share the final installments of it, but I just haven’t gotten to it yet. I want to apologize for that.

Anyway, I feel like if I keep writing this post, it could become exhausting to readers, so I’ll wrap it up.

Morning Notes

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well, as for me, I have had a busy morning already. I’ve done some writing, created new art, and spent some time on socials. I was listening also to a brief talk by Dr. Jordan Peterson. I find the way he articulates things very fascinating.

On another note: I do have a few other new projects in mind, whether I’ll get to EVERYTHING today remains TBD. I’ll share more here as time & life allow.

Story: The Anniversary Interview-Chapter/Part One

Three A.M., a young writer with a severe case of creative block clacks away on his typewriter. Yeah, he’s old school like that. He decided a long time ago that while modern writing tech is a beautiful thing for some, it’s just not his. He types randomly, nothing particularly coherent at that moment.

This is a kind of exercise he often does when he has a block, still keeping his fingers primed in case some great spark of inspiration comes.

He’s seen a lot of shows & things recently, you’d think they’d give him inspiration, but he wants something at least fairly original, not recycled ad nauseum, not completely done to death.

“MEH” he thinks, saying it out loud to himself. He often did that too, the thinking out loud. It was one of several things his friends called politely, “eccentricities”.

Suddenly, almost as if on cue, his phone begins to ring…

On the line, it’s his father. “Go to the airport, there’s a ticket waiting there for you, it’s already paid for in advance” says the old man. “Yes, Sir” the young man replies respectfully, as he had done since as far back as he could remember. “What’s going on?”

“I’m flying you out to Florida this weekend, for my & your mother’s anniversary” the old man said. Suddenly, the young writer has the spark of inspiration he’s been waiting on. He decides that while he’s down in Florida, he’ll interview his parents.

They’ve been together several years, & he can’t wait to tell their story.

Part 2 here